In the beginning there was … well there was nothing.

Writing this blog feels like a confessional. So, here it is. Setting up Medi8 wasn’t planned. Because we’re 10 years down the line I’m embarrassed to admit to our accidental beginnings. I feel like I should make excuses or come up with a better story – we do work in PR after all – but sat at a borrowed desk, swinging on a second hand chair in my spare bedroom, all I knew for sure was that I only wanted to work for people I liked, products I believed in and to earn enough to pay the bills.

The way that the business grew does make me proud and I am sincerely grateful to the people who put their faith in me. There are one or two stand out moments in that first year which still make me blush. When I took the call that put us on the road to launch Calvin Klein Golf I can remember doing a jig around my bedroom. And, on the day that I signed the GORE-TEX contract, I picked Dave up and we drank our first company champagne.


The reason that those two stand out is that I didn’t believe for one moment that we were good enough to get the gig. That is why I am particularly thankful to the people who saw something special in Medi8 and gave us the chance to work on some amazing projects. Their confidence bred confidence in us and more importantly we grew in confidence ourselves. I guess that’s what has changed most over the last ten years. We walk tall in every field we work in and I am extremely proud of my team.

Having David and Emma by my side through all of this has made it an even more incredible, enjoyable journey. Through the tough times, the babies (!) and the good times we have laughed, drank, laughed a bit more and soldiered on. The Medi8ers who’ve supported us along the way have all made their own contribution to the way we work. We’ve certainly learnt to never, ever ignore Rachel’s sixth sense, the ‘Rachdar’. Her powers of perception make her arguably the MVP that we’ve ever had here!

I have absolutely no idea where the next ten years will take us, but I’m happy with that plan. Having no plan ultimately got us to where we are today! You see, we’ve preferred to spend our time delivering great campaigns and our hard work has driven the success of the business. What I have learnt, I am happy to share and it can be summed up by my Ten at Ten:

1. If someone underestimates your ability that misjudgement says more about them than it does about you.
2. Be nice to everyone – you never know where the person you are speaking to will end up.
3. Don’t rely on the opinions of others.
4. Asking questions is not a sign of weakness.
5. Having a mentor and friend on the end of the phone is invaluable (GJ x)
6. Karma is a bitch. Stay on her side and she is your friend.
7. Don’t use gender as an excuse for failure.
8. Being good at your job isn’t always enough to keep a client.
9. Don’t rely on people to remember what they promised.
10. And, only work for people you like and products you believe in.