2016 has been a year of big decisions where Accuracy Mattered. Pivotal moments that have caused indecision the world over. Should we go for it or should we play it safe? Better the devil you know or take the plunge and bear the consequences? All with the nagging suspicion that the information you were being fed was some way off the truth.

Obviously I’m talking about being stood by the 200 yard marker and not knowing if the 5 wood will make it over the water. Is it really a 180 yard carry? Should I lay up with a 9? Who measured these marker distances? These were the big questions of the year and I think everyone will agree that above all else it’s at times like these when Accuracy really does Matter.

So in the spirit of transparency, GolfBuddy is publishing its ‘Accuracy Checker’ for 2017. A quick checklist of what to look for when Accuracy Matters on the course. None of the features are exclusive to GolfBuddy, but you can be sure that if you’ve got them all, you’ll only have yourself to blame when your ball Brexits into the pond or Trumps the odds and sails on to the green………

1. Are your distances correct? GolfBuddy verifies distances on foot to make sure you’re getting the best information when Accuracy Matters. We wouldn’t claim to be the only brand to do this but it gives us the edge over most.

2. Do you hit every fairway? Whether you’re approaching the green from deep rough, an adjacent fairway or pitching down the middle after a perfect drive, GolfBuddy Dynamic Green View gives the exact distance to front, centre or back of the green from your specific angle of approach. We’re not alone with this feature but GolfBuddy provide it as standard on every device and when combined with distances verified on foot, every distance can be trusted.

3. How big are your greens? You can play every hole with accurate figures to front centre and back of green along with multiple hazards – from any angle of approach – but if you want the best possible distances simply tap in the pin position and swing with full confidence. Pin position features on 4 models and we’re not the only brand to do it but combined with distances verified on foot and Dynamic Green View, our accuracy is starting to stand out!

4. What’s in a satellite? Using GPS satellite technology, we’ve been able to bring golfers across the globe the most accurate figures possible. Going into 2017 we’re stepping up our game by incorporating the use of the latest, and most accurate, GALILEIO satellites. These are dedicated to European consumers and will give our golfers the most accurate distances possible. We don’t know if our competitors are going to match our ambition, but as we’ve said all along, for GolfBuddy – Accuracy Matters!

FYI: It was a trick question, you can go in the water with both the 5 wood or the 9 iron.