I didn’t meet Jack last weekend, but I did meet hundreds of people having a ball! The American Golf Grand Finals weekend is the culmination of a year of hard work for us and a series of tough Regional Qualifying events for the participants. It’s when work and play collide and it’s brilliant.

This is the second year we’ve brought the Regional qualifiers to The Belfry to compete for the AG Club Championships. It was such a huge success first time around that this year we decided to share the experience with VIPs, the Media and AG’s charity – On Course Foundation. Literally hundreds of people in one place! No pressure then.

American Golf Championships

To be fair it’s these sort of events that make our workdays all worthwhile. Whilst we might complain about how busy we are, there is no getting away from the fact that I didn’t stop laughing all weekend. Running around, fire fighting and generally making sure everyone is happy are all my forte. In spite of what I might say – love it. I also love a dance, so when you see me in Bel Air at 2am don’t be surprised or listen to my bellyaching the following day. I’ll do it all again tomorrow.

What I really did enjoy was seeing and hearing the reaction of the VIPs and Media as they arrived on Friday. They were genuinely surprised by the scale, atmosphere and just how professional and Tour like the event looks. It’s so hard to put into words the way in which this event works. All of the people involved love golf, they love seeing the competitors thriving, they all have wicked senses of humour and we all enjoy each other’s company.

Maybe that’s what makes this event so special? Everyone from the CEO of AG to the young guys on registration care about the outcome and it shows. One player actually told us that we should promote the event as “Golf’s 5th Major”! Getting there means a great deal to people and when they do they are made to feel “special”.

Whilst the competition was important it was the camaraderie that made us smile. The golfers were having the time of their lives. The ladies winners summed it up for me – Maggie, who is a relatively new player, crumbled under pressure on the 1st tee and duffed her drive. They didn’t stop laughing from that point onwards. I was lucky enough to be with them when the penny dropped that they had actually won the event! They were gobsmacked, delighted and everyone was pleased for them. That is so special.

As my brother has just said “There are worse ways to make a living”. I can’t wait until next year!

Nicole Wheatley Director Medi8
Nicole Wheatley, Director Medi8