Warrington, United Kingdom:  American Golf has expanded its marketing team to support the company’s efforts to grow the game. Plans to widen the reach of its already extensive consumer facing activity in 2017 will be lead by Daniel Gathercole, who is promoted to the newly created position of Director of Marketing & Communications.

Daniel Gathercole

Over the last three years, Daniel has been instrumental in driving American Golf’s efforts to increase participation through initiatives such as the American Golf tournaments and The Golf Show. Daniel comments,

“Our marketing strategy has changed dramatically in the last few years. We have worked very hard to position American Golf at the heart of the game and I am really proud of the campaigns my team have delivered. On a personal level I am really excited about the road ahead. My new role will enable me to look at the wider golf landscape and work with our partners to promote the game.”

American Golf’s Championships have reached thousands of golfers and have given the company a valuable, new platform to develop relationships with its consumers. Plans are in place to radically increase the range and number of events on offer in 2017 to reflect the changing face of the sport. Additionally the Golf Show concept will be rolled out to three new locations and will be supported with city centre roadshows across the UK.

“We want to bring new people into golf. The roadshows allow us to take the game to them rather than waiting for them to come to us. Current golfers are also important to us, which is why we have the Golf Shows and our Championships in place. I think people will be surprised to see just how many types of golf we’ll be involved in next year. Golf isn’t just about 18 holes and we understand that,” concludes Daniel.