When the main controversy surrounding an Olympics is how and why the diving pool turned green, the organisers can be confident that it’s been a resounding success. My other half actually ranks Rio 2016 as his favourite Games of all time. Like me, he’s an aficionado of the #Olympics, although he didn’t feel the need to share his excitement on twitter every 30 seconds, like I did! Am I the only who got carried away with flag, medal and event emojis?

When the Games started, I promised to wait a while to reflect on Rio. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of an Olympics, but as the memories fade there are more than a few standout moments and they are from sports I wouldn’t expect to have followed so ardently. I think that the time difference combined with the ‘red button’ made this Olympic viewing the best it ever has been, but you were ‘forced’ to watch sports that would normally fall by the wayside.

For me that’s meant that my Team GB highlights were the Bronze for the men’s badminton pair Marcus Ellis and Chris Langridge, the Ladies Hockey Gold (whose grit put overpaid fall-over footballers to shame), the Silver that Bryony Page won in the Trampolining and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) the Gold Justin Rose won in the golf. The sheer joy and surprise that their medals brought them was written all over their faces.

Even when play started in the golf I still had my reservations. Then I noticed something. It wasn’t who was missing that stood out, but the real star quality of the rollcall of players taking to the tee. There were holes in one and outstanding, neat chips in off the green which crescendoed to the very best finish the sport could have hoped for. It was a showcase for the sport.

As Stenson and Rose walked down the fairway on the 18th I found myself cheering Rose on – out loud. Shouting at the telly. Now I can promise you that has never happened when I’ve watched golf before. By the time Rose played what was to be his final shot, I was genuinely on the edge of my seat, willing the ball to drop into the cup.

This, my friends, is what the Olympics is all about. Marvelling at that perfect dive; the landing of a flawless vault; runners breaking a world record, the perfection of dancing horses; and sinking that putt. When the action is over we miss it. The world is a bleaker place – the X-Factor comes back to our screens – and @MrDanWalker can no longer tweet about #copacabinmen. Roll on #Paralympics and the #GBR #Superhumans going for #Gold. I can’t wait!

Nicole Wheatley Director Medi8
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