Europe’s number 1 push cart brand BIG MAX reports that the dominance it has had over the European push cart market for over 20 years has strengthened even further with the announcement of 2018 market figures by Golf DataTech.

Data collated by Golf DataTech shows that BIG MAX has achieved twice the market share for its bag range as its nearest competitor and a staggering four times the market share of the second placed brand in its sale of push carts. The results come as BIG MAX has also shown significant brand penetration in the Scandinavian market where it now holds 50% market share in sales of push carts in Sweden.

Through its innovative designs, advances in technology and investment in upcoming markets BIG MAX is sure to continue to grow in one of the most competitive markets in the world. BIG MAX owner Thomas Reiter states, “We are delighted with the results from Golf DataTech’s research. When we introduced the BIG MAX brand to Central Europe 25 years ago we couldn’t have imagined the success it would become. To see such domination of our home markets and wonderful progress being made all over the world is incredibly satisfying and the result of the hard work, dedication and innovation of a fantastic team.