Establish Europe’s leading pushcart brand in the UK; create a social media presence for the brand; launch BIG MAX in the USA


Since 2010, Medi8 has delivered a brand awareness strategy for BIG MAX in the UK using PR and Media buying.  Steady growth in the UK business and consistent exposure in key media led to an expansion in the company’s remit.  In 2016 we took over global management and content creation across all of BIG MAXs social media accounts delivering significant growth year on year. Finally, in 2017 we took over PR for the brand in the USA helping to promote a Walk, Play, Golf campaign that ultimately created a shift in attitudes and contributed to the growth of the push-cart market in America.


As well as winning 6 Golf Digest Awards, a Best of Everything award and two highly prized My Golf Spy awards for the brand’s products, the impact of our work can be seen in the market penetration achieved in the last few years.  All major big box retailers in the US stock BIG MAX products and both buying groups in the UK now partner the brand all of which has helped achieve exponential growth for the business year on year.