I’ve ridden bikes for years, initially with stabilisers around the local building site as a kid: Empty roads and industrial looking, half built houses, made me feel like a real explorer. It then became the means to travel to school each day, years of pedalling the same route on a variety of different trusty steeds, some more rusty than trusty! Eventually it became a hobby rather than just a mode of travel, regularly visiting the local dirt jumps or gapping off the stairs at the nearby shops.

Then, I found cars, and partying and these things called girls which were all fun for a while. Slowly and surely bikes became my calling again, my reason to be, my escapism and my…… thing. It’s hard to explain that feeling to people who don’t ‘get it’ – my sole, most powerful motivation is to ride my bike and explore. I enjoy tinkering with them in the shed almost as much as I enjoy riding them. As a brief aside, I also enjoy other things like music, walking, gym training and socialising at the pub by the way, just so you know I’m not a total ‘bike freak’!

Over the years bikes have taken me to some immensely beautiful places, enabled me to meet some hugely inspirational people and helped me to forge some truly strong bonds and friendships. Its also the thing I do most with my partner, Rachael – we both use bikes to achieve the things we love in life the most – socialising with mates, big days in the mountains and getting our regularly needed adrenaline fix.

Mountain biking for me, is the single most relaxing thing I can do with my time. Even when I’ve been winching myself up the side of a mountain for 3 hours, my legs wanting to burst with pain, to find I can’t pedal any longer and now need to carry it for another 2 hours to the peak, I’m still enjoying myself. It’s an opportunity – cost scenario, the opportunity to see something completely new, meet some new people, gain new experiences, get a tonne of exercise and to think of nothing else than the present time means the cost of discomfort becomes almost pleasurable. The fact that the descent on the other side is hopefully going to be minutes or hours of spine tingling ribbons of singletrack, winding its way to the valley floor is the cherry on the cake! Some say sadistic or obsessive, I say inquisitive and passionate. Inquisitive to see what’s at the top of the hill and passionate to explore further. To push one’s self occasionally is to truly feel alive, only when you’ve gone through the discomfort can you really enjoy the reward.

Most recently all things ‘bike’ have become my job too; freelance writing for various magazines but primarily PR and marketing for Medi8. You see, the humble bicycle once used to transport groceries to and from the local shop has blossomed into a multi-million dollar industry. At the sharp end of the sport, people (like me) are spending thousands and thousands of pounds a year on their bikes and associated adventures that it enables. These said brands, like any real business, require help in many ways to direct their focus and market their products effectively. It really has become my life, ride bikes, talk bikes, suffer bikes, sell bikes, break bikes (and myself!), work on bikes and make work, bikes.

In a world where we can have so much ‘stuff’ – something I am all too guilty of at times – I have come to realise, I am actually most happy when I have as little as possible. After all, I’m here for a good time, not for a long time. Everyone needs a ‘thing’, and biking is mine!

Adam Wight
Adam Wight

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