Two U.K. based PGA Professionals, Kevin Merry and John Glenn have developed an innovative new approach to golf coaching that uses a color coded system to bring visual simplicity to your game.

COLOR PATH GOLF® is a new visual way of learning that is already being used by 70 plus coaches across the UK. Using the COLOR PATH GOLF® concept, coaches place shapes in the four primary colors on the ground to create simple, easy to follow maps which give greater clarity to the path that the golf club should follow to hit the perfect shot.

The COLOR PATH GOLF® method eliminates the need for complicated technical explanations and breaks down any communications barrier between coach and pupil. They can now talk to each other in the language of color. The concept can be adapted to any player and any shot, which makes COLOR PATH GOLF® the most versatile coaching system available.

“Essentially, our training concept uses color as a visual aid to influence physical responses throughout various parts of the swing,” explains Kevin Merry, PGA Professional and co-founder of COLOR PATH GOLF®. “A great example would be the use of the color red which relates to speed, power and control and for us signifies where the fastest point of the swing should be in relation to the ball contact.”

The concept developed by John and Kevin is based around ‘external focus’; a method that has been scientifically proven by Dr Gabriele Wulf at The University of Nevada to accelerate learning and improve performance. The application of color to enhance this theory is unique to the COLOR PATH GOLF® concept and speaks to the way in which the brain responds to different colors.

John Glenn and Kevin Merry
John Glenn and Kevin Merry

Existing research into the effects of color on the brain show that we react differently to Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. John Glenn, PGA Professional and co-founder of COLOR PATH GOLF®, explains, “Through the swing you’ll see we use different color pieces to create different responses. Yellow is used when we want to attract attention, highlighting target lines and creating focus in the swing. Blue is used through the back swing and back into transition, where we want the swing to be calm and controlled. Green indicates ‘relax and go’ elements where the golfer should apply power into the acceleration phase into the ball and where the exit path of the club should track. Finally, we use red to signify where we want the control and speed phase of the swing to live.”

Someone who has used color in his teaching methods is Dr David Alred MBE who is best known as part of Francesco Molinari’s coaching team and has previously worked with Rugby star Jonny Wilkinson. “I have used this theory for years in my goal kicking coaching to help players deliver their full energy in the most controlled and efficient way. The concept has been a massive help in my coaching of Kicking in both Rugby and Soccer. It works and puts a great deal of detail into the subconscious where it needs to be to enable players to play. I wish COLOR PATH GOLF® every success for the Future. The method really works.”


There are multiple products in the COLOR PATH GOLF® range which are designed to be used in conjunction with an online library of drills, games, lesson plans and coaching programmes that keep learning simple and fun whilst still guaranteeing progression. As well as the coaching kits, golfers can also purchase their own COLOR PATH GOLF® products to take away and ingrain the colorful visual learnings from their lessons.

Kevin & John conclude, “We have been overwhelmed by the interest from the industry. We know from our own experience that this system creates better golfers, faster. We are dedicated to making golf easier to learn for pupils of all ages and abilities, so it’s really exciting to share our knowledge with more people. All we want to do is make the game more simple and enjoyable and, in doing so, increase participation and retention.”

To arrange a demonstration or find out more about the COLOR PATH GOLF® system please contact John Glenn at or visit
Re-awaken your passion for the game by learning how to map out a pathway to better golf!
The team at COLOR PATH GOLF® has one simple goal; to help everyone play better golf in a colorful way. As PGA Professionals, the Founders of COLOR PATH GOLF® realised the link between dwindling participation and the frustration of learning to play the game.
With products for coaches and consumers the COLOR PATH GOLF® system helps golfers visualise a natural swing pattern on the ground and enjoy instant feedback to all areas of the game.