Visit Stand 985 To Start You Colourful Journey Towards A Brighter Future For Golf

U.K. based PGA Professionals, Kevin Merry and John Glenn, will be launching their ground-breaking golf coaching concept COLOUR PATH GOLF® at the PGA Merchandise Show this month. The concept, which uses a colour coded system to bring visual simplicity to your game, will be part of the line up on the renowned GolfTrainingAids stand #985 and with its game-changing promise is bound to bring a lot of interest from attendees at the Show.

COLOUR PATH GOLF® is a new visual way of learning. Using the COLOUR PATH GOLF® concept, coaches and golfers place shapes in the four primary colours on the ground to create simple, easy to follow maps. These give greater clarity to the path that the golf club should follow to hit the perfect shot. Visitors to the stand are promised a golf-changing experience as John and Kevin can quickly and effectively correct persistent issues in a matter of minutes.

John Glenn and Kevin Merry
John Glenn and Kevin Merry

“We love demo-ing our products. It’s really rewarding when people have that light bulb moment and can literally see everything they have been doing wrong. In a few minutes we can identify what is causing people issues and give them a visual solution by simply mapping out the right way to play the shot by placing our kit out on the ground. The impact we have on people’s games is almost immediate because there is no need for technical explanations and players can visualise the shot that they should be playing,” explains Kevin.

The COLOUR PATH GOLF® concept developed by John and Kevin is based around ‘external focus’; a method that has been scientifically proven to accelerate learning and improve performance. The application of colour to enhance this theory is unique to the COLOUR PATH GOLF® concept and speaks to the way in which the brain responds to different colours. The products in the COLOUR PATH GOLF® range are all supported by an extensive online library of drills, games and lesson plans for coaches and consumers.

John concludes, “We believe that by making golf easier to learn we can have a positive impact on the game. It’s really exciting to share our knowledge with more people, so we can’t wait to show people at the Show what we’re all about. This is just the beginning for us and if the response so far is anything to go by the future is extremely bright for us all.”

To arrange a demonstration or find out more about the COLOUR PATH GOLF® system please contact John Glenn at or visit Otherwise visit The Golf Training Aids Stand #985.



Re-awaken your passion for the game by learning how to map out a pathway to better golf!

The team at COLOUR PATH GOLF® has one simple goal; to help everyone play better golf in a colourful way. As PGA Professionals, the co-founders of COLOUR PATH GOLF® realised the link between dwindling participation and the frustration of learning to play the game.
With products for coaches and consumers the COLOUR PATH GOLF® system helps golfers visualise a natural swing pattern on the ground and enjoy instant feedback to all areas of the game.