Lamkin Corporation, the original manufacturer of premium golf grips, is excited to introduce its SONAR TOUR and SONAR WRAP grips at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show. The new SONAR TOUR and SONAR WRAP grips add distinctive options to the unmistakable feel and all-weather performance of the SONAR grip family that was a runaway success for Lamkin in 2018.

The SONAR WRAP delivers the super tacky feel and all-weather performance of SONAR in a new wrap style model. Featuring Lamkin’s proprietary FINGERPRINT Technology, the SONAR WRAP’s consistent micro-texture pattern provides outstanding comfort and superb traction control. The grip also benefits from Lamkin’s patent-pending GENESIS material that combines a feel that is slightly softer than traditional rubber with durability that exceeds all comparable grip materials. To further enhance the simulated wrap feel, SONAR WRAP includes an ergonomic ‘Progressive Skive’, with fluctuating spiral dimensions based on grip size.

SONAR TOUR benefits from the same omni-directional grip traction provided by Lamkin’s FINGERPRINT Technology but utilizes a firmer durometer GENESIS material for enhanced torsion control under the pressure of higher swing speeds. A unique finishing process preserves SONAR’s super-tacky surface feel, ensuring the Tour inspired design retains the line’s comfortable quality, while a traditional taper shape provides a more conventional feel.

Lamkin SONAR Wrap, SONAR Tour and SINK FIT grips
Lamkin SONAR Wrap, SONAR Tour and SINK FIT grips

Lamkin CEO and President Bob Lamkin is thrilled with the response to the SONAR and excited to preview the new grips at the PGA Show. He said, “The combination of GENESIS material and FINGERPRINT Technology in the SONAR grip delivers an ideal feel for such a wide audience of players. The two additions to the line add variations for golfers who have specific preferences in their grip style. I’m very excited about the success of the SONAR line and look forward to sharing the incredible feel of the new grips with show attendees later this month.”

Lamkin will also feature their new SINK FIT putter grip line at 2019 PGA Show. Available at retail in February, SINK FIT includes a unique contoured shape that promote the proper wrist alignment for a more controlled, consistent putting stroke. These functional contours are combined with Lamkin’s exclusive FINGERPRINT Technology for a highly responsive feel and optimized surface tack. A traditional Pistol Grip, Skinny Pistol or a wider Straight grip design are offered in Lamkin’s proprietary GENESIS synthetic rubber compound. The pistol and straight shapes are also available in an ultra-lightweight polyurethane material.

SONAR TOUR available in Standard size
SONAR WRAP available in Standard+ and Midsize+

Both lines will be available at select golf retailers and at in Spring 2019.

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