Every Monday my social media time lines are filled with #MondayMotivation posts which are supposed to inspire us for the week ahead. People achieving great feats, inspirational quotes and pictures of far off beautiful places where I would probably rather be.

What is it that really inspires us to work to the best of our abilities? Does seeing someone hit a nearly impossible approach shot to a green make us want to go out and practice more to be the best golfer we can be? Or should we take these #MondayMotivation posts are they are, a 5 second flash past our eyes as we hurry to get to work and get back on the treadmill of emails and phone calls after what probably turned out to be a busy weekend?

Personally I think it is great to celebrate achievements, especially those that do not happen every day – celebrating the awe-inspiring like Djokovic winning his 12th Grand Slam to the small battles like baking a cake for the first time.

Every week in the sporting world there are many titles won and records broken that quite often go unnoticed from the sports that sit on the periphery of the core football, rugby and tennis. From a Medi8 point of view this weekend 3 Ambassadors of clients achieved greatness in their own right. You may see a passing #MondayMotivation post but you are unlikely to see them getting the column inches they deserve.

Firstly Row2Rio, who are sponsored by Sealskinz, achieved their goal of continuing the Olympic legacy from London 2012 by connecting London to the Olympic 2016 host city Rio. They set off on their World record breaking challenge back in January where they cycled down to Portugal, rowed across the Atlantic and then cycled down to Rio de Janeiro. This is a very précised down version but the quite incomprehensible achievement of this 4 man (2 men & 2 women) crew is likely to go by unnoticed by most.

Row2Rio reach Rio

Secondly, Flare Clothing Company Ambassador, Ben Moore won the Red Bull Dark Knights event in Singapore – a night time, urban downhill bike competition. I admit that this is a little bit smaller scale than Row2Rio but if you watch this video you will see the highly skilled nature of this riding and again how this really is a sporting achievement that should be shouted about.

Ben Moore

Finally, Sealskinz Ambassador, Claire Steels won gold and her 2nd Duathlon World Championship title (30-34 category) in Avilés, Spain. Do most of the general public even know what Duathlon is? Could you imagine if this was on the athletics track? Everyone would know Claire’s name. To win 2 World Championships is a pretty impressive achievement but to do it since only competing in the sport since 2014 is something else! Here is Claire’s story  #IAmEndurance

Claire Steels

These are just 3 examples of sporting excellence achieved by British athletes this week but it has been a great weekend for British sport, amongst others Emma Pallant’s elite gold in Duathlon, the Downie sisters in gymnastics and Matt Fitzpatrick European Tour golf win in Sweden hitting the headlines too.

So as we contemplate the week ahead and become “inspired” by #MondayMotivation posts it’s also good to take a moment to appreciate the achievements of others that often go unnoticed, especially in the sporting world. These Great British athletes, regardless of how well known they are, should be an inspiration to us all.

Emma Ballard
Emma Ballard

Emma Ballard – Digital Content Manager

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