This year’s Open was a series of highlights and the best was saved for last. As one that many are referring to as the ‘best ever’ the choice is quite unanimous but up until the final round from the final pair there was a huge amount to choose from. Stenson’s final round, which was made all the better for Phil pushing him the whole way was an incredible spectacle and not only stands out, it will stand the test of time. I won’t sour it but I’m only thankful to Now TV and a decent internet connection for actually seeing it! Phil’s opening 63, so nearly a 62 pushes it hard. There was Louis’ hole in one, Monty’s swansong that left him, in his own words, clubhouse leader on Thursday and Sunday, the chants of ‘BEEF’ all through Sunday afternoon and simply the spectacle that was Troon.

All of these could be argued for but pale next to the sublime golf from the big Swede. From the brilliant to the beautiful, the sublime to the sentimental, they all have a place in Open history. I can even mention that the sight of Stenson in his SUNICE waterproofs was a mini highlight for us as we’ve just started working with the PGA Tour’s No.1 outerwear brand. One other to mention that pushed all of the golfing highlights close was waking up on Thursday morning to find my and Nicole’s faces being shared around social media. The Open decided to use a picture of us with the team at GolfMagic to promote the spectator village. The fact that the only evidence of my week’s work had us drinking pints in the sunshine hasn’t helped my assertion that The Open is a hard week’s work!

Medi8 Meeting with GolfMagic
Medi8 Meeting with GolfMagic

We head up on Sunday and get on the treadmill of meetings and dinners. We’ll meet more media and brands in 4 days than it would take us a month to achieve away from the event. From early meetings on the course to a trip to a client at their hotel, finishing at dinner with a magazine and late night drinks. We keep the areas taxis in business and punish our aging bodies in ways that didn’t hurt so much ten years ago.

I will never complain about our work. Weeks like The Open are just great fun and we were there, if only in a tiny way, during one of the best Open’s in memory. But while you have to be grateful for the fantastic experiences afforded to you by your work, I was glad when the golf started, the sun came out and I headed south content that ours had been a good week and The Open had a new poster boy (and girl).

David Wheatley



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