Wolverhampton, UK: If you watch golf on T.V. you’ll be familiar with that perfect blue arc sailing down the fairway, tracing a baby fade or delicate draw, helping viewers the world over see how this infuriating game should be played. It even allows for an occasional snigger as one disappears miles out of bounds over the trees on the right!

Toptracer (formerly Protracer) has changed the way that viewers watch golf and it is now set to have the same effect on everyday golfers, as Tour technology comes to the range. Pioneering Midlands golf complex, 3 Hammers, is giving everyday golfers the chance to paint their own pictures in the sky as Toptracer technology is set to change the way that Midlands golfers get their game in shape.

Topgolf®, owners of Toptracer and Toptracer Range, has worked with 3 Hammers to trial the new system that allows range users to track and trace their shots, getting instant feedback and enabling them to enjoy a session at the range in a whole new way.

Toptracer at 3 Hammers Golf Academy
Toptracer at 3 Hammers Golf Academy

“We’re always on the lookout for technologies that make playing golf even more fun,” explains Ian Bonser owner of 3 Hammers. “It’s been a pleasure working with Toptracer to help develop the technology and after seeing how much fun players of every ability had using the system it was an easy decision to install it across the range. Golfers really enjoy the seeing the flight of their ball, getting immediate feedback and also the added element of competition that the system delivers.”

Toptracer has been transforming the way we engage with golf since its launch. The new Range application adds a video game-like component to real life golf practice and this has proved very popular at 3 Hammers. The original technology was developed in Sweden to track the flight path of a golf ball, display its path in video and analyse every shot hit. Toptracer Range gives players access to all of these features and as a result delivers a highly interactive, entertaining experience. It also enables players to compare their results with their friends and finally settle those age old arguments about who hits longer or straighter!

The installation of Toptracer is part of Ian Bonser’s continued investment in the national award winning Complex including a £120,000 overhaul of the Driving Range outfield making it akin to that of a real golf course. Visitors to 3 Hammers can use the new Toptracer system on their driving range at no extra charge and they can also enjoy further discounts with their range card offers, making golf practice affordable for all.


3 Hammers is considered to be one of the most progressive golf complexes in the UK. Its facilities are state of the art, offering golfers of all abilities the technology and expertise they need to get the most enjoyment out of their game. Ideally suited to first time and experienced players alike the 18 hole short course is beautifully landscaped, expertly maintained and is entirely unique.

The 3 Hammers Golf Academy and its coaches have been recognised with numerous accolades including the Golf Foundations’ Critchley Award. They deliver golf to thousands of youngsters and new golfers every year via their ground breaking initiatives including Ladies Love Golf. To find out more about 3 Hammers visit www.3hammers.co.uk or follow us @3Hammersgolf