I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics. I have grown up watching every Olympic Games with my parents, friends, current and ex-partners and this year I’ll introduce it to my daughter – she’s only 14 months old, but I am excited to share my passion for this amazing celebration of sport and human endeavour with her.

I get up or stay up to watch the opening ceremony every year and watch every event I can – even the ones I’ve never heard of. In fact, especially the ones I’ve never heard of. I find a new obsession every 4 years. Archery was one which took me by surprise! Who would’ve thought that watching arrows hit a target (or not!) could be so entertaining?

Rio certainly has more challenges facing it than many Olympic hosts have had; whether it’s the Zika virus, the Russian doping scandals or golfers withdrawing, there is no escaping the bad news stories. I decided not to dwell on those here, but to share a video I encountered by complete chance earlier today.

If you were wondering why golf was included in the Olympics then take 5 minutes to watch this video which was made to be shown to the International Olympic Committee in 2008. It’s rekindled my excitement and I hope it does yours:

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