Kings Lynn, United Kingdom: Sealskinz, the British Endurance Accessories manufacturer, have strengthened their position as market leader by winning a significant four year contract with Leidos Supply Ltd supplying the Ministry of Defence and UK Armed Forces. As official waterproof sock supplier, Sealskinz will provide its thin, knee length waterproof socks for use in training and operations across the world. The first production is already well under way and will reach armed forces personnel over the coming months.

Sealskinz has worked with the MoD, supplying socks for the last 8 years; with zero complaints or returns. This is the first time that the contract has been open to competitors and, as Alistair Tait, Managing Director of Sealskinz explains, the socks themselves have sealed the deal, “all of the brands competing for the contract were invited to send samples for testing in a variety of demanding conditions. With our many years’ of experience and patented technology we were confident that we would continue to be the preferred supplier.”

The socks that the MoD will be using aren’t just waterproof, they are also dirt and sand proof, which makes them ideal for use in various terrains and weather conditions. Sealskinz will continue to be the sole provider for waterproof socks to the UK Armed Forces and are currently in discussions to provide their superior products to other nations’ Armed Forces.

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