Sealskinz, the British Endurance Accessories manufacturer, is delighted to announce that the #IAmEndurance campaign featuring their sponsored athlete, Traharn Chidley, has been nominated for the prestigious ‘Be a Game Changer’ award by the Women’s Sport Trust. The nomination is for Traharn’s recent video which tells how her developing love of outdoor activity helped her break free from a period of sustained physical and mental domestic abuse.

The touching and poignant story is instalment two of a multichannel campaign called ‘#IAmEndurance’. In the series of short videos Sealskinz offers inspirational insight into ordinary people who overcome extraordinary challenges to reach their sporting potential.

The Women’s sport trust ‘#BeAGame Changer’ award was put in place to recognise those individuals and organisations doing the most to progress women’s sport. Traharn and Sealskinz have been nominated for an imagery award:

‘’The photograph/s, film or visual campaign that most brilliantly represents women and /or girls in sport. The image/s showcase what women are capable of and help to challenge limiting stereotypes’’ – Women’s Sport Trust, category criteria.

In Traharn’s case, mountain biking, and the freedom it provided her, gave her the hope and determination required to break out of the destructive relationship. Her collaboration with Sealskinz examines the way she found the strength to change her life and ultimately asks the question, what does endurance mean to you?

#BeAGameChanger Awards

The Women’s Sport Trust is a company and registered charity whose sole purpose and motivation is to raise the visibility and increase the impact of women’s sport. They do this by identifying and promoting a diverse range of role models, increasing the quality and visibility of the coverage of women’s sport in the media and by finding ways to shift the funding landscape for women’s sport.

On 5th April 2016, an expert panel will decide on the finalists with further public voting opening on the 18th April. Winners will be announced on 12th May 2016. Other nominees include the likes of Adidas, GB Swimstars and Tamara Lunger.

‘’Whatever the outcome, we are humbled by the nomination and immensely proud of Traharn for all that she has achieved’’, – Matt Boyce, Sealskinz Marketing Manager.

If you haven’t yet seen Traharn’s inspirational story, take a look here:
I’m sure you’ll all join us in wishing Traharn and Sealskinz the very best of luck.
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